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Your Executive

If you want to get involved or have any questions, please contact us at

Name Position
Denise O’Connor President
Leslie Murray-Leung Executive VP & Party Liaison
Jim Ray General Secretary
Salman Abbas VP: Communications
Shubha Sandill VP: Fundraising
Areeba Amer VP: Victory Fund
Peter Greenberg VP: Membership
Paul Morrison VP: Community Outreach
Keith Robson VP: Policy
David Church Treasurer
Barbara Miller President: ADFW-PLA (ex-officio)
Greg Van Geffen Past-President (ex-officio)
Ahmed Mostafa Director-at-Large
Andrew Tapajna Director-at-Large
Brenda Vrkljan Director-at-Large
Chris Kurzyna Director-at-Large
Elham Farah Director-at-Large
Jane Gibson Director-at-Large
Jim Ray Director-at-Large
Joe/Xiaozhou Ruan Director-at-Large
John Kalenchuk Director-at-Large
Joyce Morrison Director-at-Large
Julia Madus Director-at-Large
Lisa Stewart Director-at-Large
Margaret Stewart Director-at-Large
Margaret Harris Director-at-Large
Mark Welch Director-at-Large
Mary Mills Director-at-Large
Mary Kiss Director-at-Large
Mary Ellen Bailey Director-at-Large
Roland Weiler Director-at-Large
Shubha Sandill Director-at-Large
Willan Rosart Director-at-Large
Zahara Nizam Director-at-Large
Greg Van Geffen Director-at-Large