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Congratulations on taking this step!

With so many of you are at different levels of involvement, we will start from the beginning of where to get started. Soon our riding will be selecting a Liberal candidate to represent us in the coming election, if you want a vote in choosing this candidate, you need to become a member.

Becoming a member:

  • By paying $20, you can become a member of the Liberal Party of Canada for the next two years, through the next general election.
  • Consider becoming a Victory Fund member. Victory Fund is a monthly donation program of $10 that includes your membership fee. Your donation will receive a 75% tax credit receipt, so you could be only giving $2.50 a month!

If you are already a member, but not a Victory Fund donor, consider the program.

  • Elections aren’t cheap and the Conservatives have lots of money. Our riding needs to be able promote our candidate properly, while continuing to support our Liberal Youth, Community Outreach committee and other important association committees and events.
  • Victory Fund is our riding greatest source of income and we need your help to expand the program, with the 75% tax credit, paid membership and discounts to events, this program is fantastic!

If you are already a Victory Fund donor, please consider raising your donation. Your donation is greatly appreciated and if you’d like to increase it, we can help. Please email our Victory Fund VP, Sarah Van Geffen with your changes and she can assist you; If you don’t want to increase your program donation, but want to make a one-time donation, please click here. Thank –you so much for your generosity!

Whether a member or not, register yourself as a Liberal Party of Canada volunteer.

  • Our riding has canvased as an association six times in 2014! Come join us; its great exercise, an excellent way to engage people and see the community.

Our riding association meets regularly, please check out our social feeds and join us! We will have a booth at the Cactus Fest this year, so please drop by!

Twitter: @hwadliberals
Phone: 289-799-2546