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Contributions and Donations to Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Federal Liberal Riding Assoc.


There are various payment options when contributing to the Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas (HWAD) Federal Liberal Association. As we build our funds to re-elect Filomena Tassi in 2019 and another majority Liberal government, our riding association needs to raise as much as $100,000.

The chart below indicates the tax credits available for various contributions that will substantially reduce the net cost of your contribution. For the 2017 tax year we encourage all contributors to donate directly to our riding association. Elections Canada allows an annual maximum contribution of $1,550 to the HWAD riding. This amount is over and above any contributions to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Payment Options

Online Donations

CLICK HERE to go to the Liberal Party of Canada website donation page to donate to our riding – Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas.

When you have completed the donation process, you will receive an email confirmation.
Once your contribution is processed by the national party, a tax receipt is issued and sent to your email address.



  • When contributing by cheque, please complete a Personal Cheque with your name printed on the cheque and complete the “Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas Federal Liberal Association Contributor Information” form.

  • Make the cheque payable to HWAD FLA.

  • Mail the cheque and completed form to:

    HWAD Federal Liberal Association
    102 Plaza Dr
    PO Box 63039 RPO University Plaza
    Dundas ON L9H 6Y3

  • Once your cheque is cashed by the riding association and the contribution is processed by the national party, a tax receipt is issued to your email address or if you do not have an email address the receipt is mailed to you.

Victory Fund

A Victory Fund participant receives a membership in the Liberal Party of Canada, donates monthly via a credit card or automatic bank withdrawal and you allocate how much of the monthly contribution is contributed to the HWAD riding association and if you wish, the Liberal Party of Canada

If you wish to become a Victory Fund participant click the following image.











Thank you for considering a contribution to the HWAD Federal Liberal riding association.