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HWAD-FLA Pub Night: Rise of the 1% – Recap

Posted on April 17, 2014

plutocrats pub night hwad liberals chrystia freelandCHRYSTIA FREELAND’S PLUTOCRATS BOOK TALK – APRIL 16, 2014
– David Jones

Is capitalism in its contemporary form working for the 99% as well
as the 1%? What are the implications for democracy of the rise of
the global super-rich? What is the role of government regulation in
checking the negative impact of capitalism? Do Canada and the world
need a new “New Deal?”

Chrystia Freeland’s award winning book, Plutocrats, focuses on these
and many other provocative questions and prompted a wide-ranging
discussion at a HWAD Book Club meeting at the Westminster Arms in
Dundas on April 16.
After we viewed Freeland’s TEDTalk presentation and explored ideas
raised in the video and the book in small groups, Denise O’Connor led
us in an open forum which extended the discussion into several related
political and social concerns including infrastructure development,
taxation, and a guaranteed annual income.
Although the issue of the 1% and the rest of us is, without doubt,
a challenging one, we left the meeting feeling optimistic about the
proposed solutions and enthusiastic about working to promote them
throughout HWAD and beyond.
Thanks to John MacAlpine for organizing the evening!